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HIST Syllabus - SYLLABUS History 2620 United States History...

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SYLLABUS History 2620 – United States History From 1865 HIST 2620: 011 University of North Texas Spring 2008 Dr. Elizabeth Hayes Turner Meets TR in WH 222 11:00 a.m. to 12:20 p.m., Section 11 , 3 hours credit Office: WH 255 Office Hours: 2:00-5:00 W Phone: 940-565-4526 Or by appointment [email protected] Vista 4.2 My Blackboard class website: HIST 2620:011 Spring 2008 Graduate Teaching Assistants: Lisa Fox Office: Oral History Program Office Hours: by appointment 3 rd floor of the Willis Library Phone: 940- 565-2549 [email protected] Lauren Bristow Office: WH 232 Office Hours: 10 to 11 a.m.; 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. TR Phone: 940-891-6774 Or by appointment [email protected] Course Description and Objectives : Goal I: Students who successfully master the course will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the facts and chronology of United States History from 1865 to 1975. Goal II. Students who successfully master the course will be able to read critically and analytically. Goal III. Students who successfully master the course will be able to construct organized coherent written and oral responses to questions regarding major events in American history since 1865. The work of this course will be to discover the growth and development of the United States from the end of the Civil War through industrialization, overseas expansion, global wars, the Great Depression, and the post-World War II era. The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with basic political, socio-economic, and cultural developments in the history of the United States from 1865 to 1975. The objectives include identifying significant persons, events, and ideas from which you will be able to organize coherent essays and oral presentations demonstrating an understanding of historical causal and consequential relationships.
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Textbooks and Resources: James Kirby Martin, et al. America and Its Peoples , Vol. II, 5 th edition Articles: “Mirror with a Memory” and “From Rosie to Lucy” from After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection TV Sitcom, “Job Switching” from “I Love Lucy” (in class viewing) My Blackboard, Vista 4.2 This course will incorporate discussions on two articles regarding immigrants and photography and mass media and images of women in the 1950s; a set of questions concerning the New Deal (New Deal Analysis Project); and one TV sitcom from “I Love Lucy.” It is up to you to keep up with the readings and preparations outside of class. Class Website: This class is supported by a supplemental website through My Blackboard, Vista 4.2. To access the website go to http://ecampus.unt.edu , click on University of North Texas. Click the Log In button. Enter your EUID and AMS password. Click on History 2620.011, Spring 2008. On this website you can access: 9. The syllabus 10. Power point lectures, which will be posted after the lecture 11. A chat room for your group preparations.
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