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Notes on Culture - ± What does this mean subculture ±...

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1 Anthro 2350 CULTURE: Key points – from lectures 1/23 and 1/25 4 key components of culture ± Values : What constitutes a good life? Includes morals ± Norms : Appropriate ways to behave in a given situation ± Institutions : Social structures ± Artifacts : Material products of a culture Operating Definition ± Culture is the learned sets of behavior and ideas that are acquired by people as members of society Enculturation ² Socialization ² Cultural transmission ± These are rough synonyms of enculturation but…be aware that “socialization” has a bigger meaning Rite of passage ± Rituals that mark important transitions in the life cycle Social system ± Organization of roles and status
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2 status ± Recognized position within a social system ² Ascribed status ² Achieved status Role ² behavior that a particular ‘social person’ is expected to display ² Status ² Self Iceberg of culture
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Unformatted text preview: ± ???? What does this mean???? subculture ± “Customs and beliefs that overlap with but depart significantly from the mainstream culture…class, ethnicity and perceived race are common sources of differential socialization.” (Middleton, p. 42) What model describes immigrants to a society? ± Monoculturalism ± Leitkultur ± Melting pot ± Multiculturalism (look up definitions in Wikipedia article on culture) More modern definition: ± “complex web of shifting patterns that link people in different locales and that link social formations of different scales According to this different scales. According to this view, any group can construct its own cultural identity.” (from Wikipedia article) 3 social identity ± Meaning and importance of vary across time and place...
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Notes on Culture - ± What does this mean subculture ±...

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