030708micro402 - Now replicating w/ chromosome. Our...

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Conjugation = Plasmid Rolling_Circle Replication Plasmid – Integrative Plasmid Transduction -Generalized -Lysogeny -Specialized Plasmid Closed Circular dsDna extrachromosomal origin of replication E. coli 015787 has a plasmid Type Iv secretion system – pilus is part of 3’ OH – DNA Polymerase III or I can jump on and replicate the plasmid concatamers - long ss dna – copies of something genetic material of bacteria can be transferred to another bacteria RNA polymerase can put primer on etc… Apple peeling example Special type of conjugative plasmid – it can use ds dna in chromosome and integrate with integrate enzyme system into chromosome of bacteria.
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Unformatted text preview: Now replicating w/ chromosome. Our advantage is diversity as a human species Rolling circle replication. Transduction DNA gets transferred in bacterial cells by viral infection. Bacteriophage virus that infects bacterium -- symbol is phi circle with line through it Tularemia, franciscus tuloruim Typhoid type systemic infection that can kill you Generalized transduction 1. get through cell wall -- most inject genome into recipient 2. recA recombination some homology special transduction when it deintegrates it is often not perfect and will leave a little viral dna behind and pick up some chromosomal dna att sites...
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030708micro402 - Now replicating w/ chromosome. Our...

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