06fexam2 - Biology 203/402 Second Examination Fall, 2006...

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Biology 203/402 Name_______________ Second Examination Fall, 2006 TA’s________________ Multiple Choice: 1. In general, enzymes _________________ ( a. speed up; b. slow down; c. do not affect) the rate of a reaction. 2. The breakdown of urea results in a(n) ___________________ ( a. acidic; b. alkaline; c. neutral) pH. 3. The pH indicator of urea is _________________ ( a. methyl red; b. acid fuchsin; c. brom thymol blue; d. phenol red). 4. Proteus vulgaris is a member of the normal ______________ ( a. oral; b. intestinal ; c. urinary tract; d. blood) flora. 5. A gelatinase test result is best read at ________________ ( a. 4 o C; b. 35 o C; c. 55 o C) 6. Hydrolytic enzymes, such as gelatinase and urease, break down a substrate by ______. a. the addition of nitrogen; b. the removal of nitrogen; c. the addition of water; d. the removal of water True (a)/False (b); Phenol Red carbohydrate broths 7. T F Production of acidic compounds from fermentation results in a yellow color. 8. T F An organism growing by aerobic respiration using peptones in the medium will be yellow at 48 hours. 9. T F A rapid fermenter may use up all the available carbohydrate and revert to an alkaline reaction by 48 hours. 10. T F An organism that cannot ferment the provided carbohydrate will not grow. 11.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course BIOL 402 taught by Professor Faurot during the Spring '08 term at Kansas.

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06fexam2 - Biology 203/402 Second Examination Fall, 2006...

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