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Chapter10_Study_Guide - AEM 240 Prelim 2 Chapter 10...

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AEM 240 Prelim 2 Chapter 10: Developing New Products and Services Apple Inc. Steve Jobs Co- Founder Apple’s New Product Revolutions: Apple II: the first personal computer Macintosh: The first look at a mouse and a graphical user interface iPod: the first really portable digital music player Apple iPhone: Apple Inc.’s greatest accomplishment -Music, Menu, Messaging, Email, Internet -Sold 10 Million iPhones by the end of 2008 -Meets buyers needs Life of a company: -Depends on how it: Conceives, Produces, and Markets new products Variation of Products: Varies in terms of weather it is consumer or business good Product: A good, service, or idea consisting of a bundle of tangible and intangible attributes that satisfies the customer and is received in exchange for money or some other unit. Tangible: physical attributes- color or sweetness Intangible: becoming healthier or wealthier Product Line and Product Mix: Product Line: A group of products that are closely related because they satisfy a class of needs, are used together, are sold to the same customer group, are distributed though same outlets, or fall within the same price line Little Remedies: Product consists of many nonprescription drugs: Broad product line= simplify buying decisions Product Item: A specific product noted by unique sizes brand or price Stock Keeping Unit: ID Number that defines an item for ordering or inventory purposes Product Mix: Number of products offered by a company Can range from large product lines to small, spesfic product lines Classifying Consumer and Business Goods: Consumer Good: Products purchased by the ultimate consumer Convenience Goods: items that are purchased frequently, conveniently, and with minimal effort
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Shopping Goods: consumers compare items to several alternatives (price quality style) Specialty Goods: Rolex watches, consumers make special efforts to search and buy Unsought Goods: items that the consumer does not know about or does not initially want Business goods: (B2B Goods, industrial goods, or organizational Goods) Products that are intended for resale There can be goods that are both consumer and business goods Apple computer can be for personal or business use Each product will result in different marketing actions Sales and Discount for Business Goods Apple store for consumer goods Production Goods: used in manufacturing process that become part of the final product Support Goods: used to assists in producing other goods and services (installation, accessory equipment, supplies and services) Installations: Buildings and fixed equipment, high costs, competitive pricing Accessory Equipment: tools and office equipment, purchased in small order sizes, large customer base Supplies: stationary, paperclips, and brooms, purchased with little effort: price and delivery are key Industrial Services: intangible activities to assist industrial buyer- maintenance, service, repair, legal or tax counsel: Sellers reputation is critical
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Chapter10_Study_Guide - AEM 240 Prelim 2 Chapter 10...

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