07sexam1 - Biology 203/402 First Examination Spring 2007...

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Biology 203/402 Name_______________ First Examination Spring, 2007 TA’s_______________ Multiple Choice: 1. The resolving power of a microscope is a function of ____________. a. the magnifying power of the lenses b. the numerical aperture of the lens. c. the wavelength of light. d. Both (a) and (b) are correct e. Both (b) and (c) are correct 2. Which one of the following techniques would not be considered proper technique when storing a microscope? a. Turn the light intensity down b. Turn off the light source c. Increase the distance between the stage and the objective d. Wrap the cord e. Place the 100x objective in the observation position. 3. The total magnification achieved when using a 100x oil immersion lens with 10x binocular eyepieces is ____________. a. 10x b. 100x c. 400x d. 1000x e. 4000x 4. Before the oil immersion lens is rotated into place, you should a. center and focus the object of interest on the 10x lens b. lower the stage with use of the coarse adjustment knob c. place a drop of oil on the smear. d. Both (a) and (c) are correct. e. All are correct 5. A lens with a resolving power of _______________ has the best resolution relative to the other values given. a. 0.2 μm b. 0.2 mm c. 1.1 μm d. 1.1 mm 6. Illumination of the microscope may be increased for better resolution on the 100x objective using the ______________. a. thumb wheel b. fine adjustment knob c. diaphragm lever d. mechanical stage control e. oculars
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True (a)/False (b) 7. T F Ubiquity means that microorganisms are found in the laboratory environment but not the outside environment. 8. T F Sabouraud Dextrose agar medium encourages growth of fungi due to the high dextrose content and high pH. 9. T F Bacterial colonial morphology includes size, color, margin, texture, and Gram stain. 10. T F Antibiosis is indicated by a zone of inhibition between two adjacent colonies. 11. T F
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07sexam1 - Biology 203/402 First Examination Spring 2007...

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