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Chapter 8 Rick - Gerontology Test #2 Chapter 8 Historical...

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Gerontology Test #2 Chapter 8 Historical Perspective on Retirement in U.S. - Has changed over past 50 years o before retirement was end of work life and withdrawal from labor market o now we choose when to retire, looked at as a stage of life that we have certain views on Choice of the Age of 65 and Current Retirement Patterns - 1900 nearly 70 percent of men over 65 were employed, percentage dropped every year until now in 2001 12.2 percent - In the past 50 years trends in the labor force show a significant drop among our elders, especially men - retirement has a cohort effect, 65% of baby boomers plan on working well past 65 Early Retirement Trends and LRIPs - today people work and look for an early retirement and has increased over the past years - in industry 55 is not uncommon and 62 is typical for retirement - Some Companies are studying LRIPs -( late retirement incentive programs) sometimes it is easier and cost less to keep older workers than to hire new younger workers o However business’s are afraid workers will take adv. of this, so incentives for early rather than late retirement is still the trend of today
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- Age discrimination act- all early retirement must be voluntary Permanent vs. Contingent Workers - Contingent workers-(Mexicans) temporary workers who often get lower wages and few benefits - Outsourcing and downsizing has caused these contingent workers
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Chapter 8 Rick - Gerontology Test #2 Chapter 8 Historical...

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