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Final_Review_Lists_Study_Guide - A Advantages Salesperson...

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Marketing Final Review Lists Promotional Mix: Used To: 1.Inform prospective buyers about benefits 2. persuade them to try it 3. remind them later about the benefits they enjoyed from it Integrated Marketing Communications: 1. Communication Source- company or person who has information to convey Message- information sent by a source Channel of Communication- how the message is conveyed Receiver- consumers who hear read see etc Encoding- sender transforms idea into symbols Decoding- turning symbols back into ideas 2. Field Of Experience Understanding and knowledge that is applied to the message 3. Response impact the message has 4. Feedback senders interpretation of the response 5. Noise things that work against effective communication Promotional Elements: 1. Advertising A) Advantages: attention getting, communicates specific product benefits B) Disadvantages: High cost, lack of direct feedback 2. Personal Selling
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Unformatted text preview: A) Advantages: Salesperson controls to whom the presentation is made, no waste, seller can see or hear buyers reaction B) Disadvantages: no consistent presentation given to all customers, high costs, MOST EXPENSIVE 3. Public Relations A) Advantages: when you read a story you tend to believe it B) Disadvantages: Lack of users control, no guarantee story will result if media doesn’t want it to, company can invite media, but media doesn’t have to print 4. Sales Promotion A) Advantages: short term nature stimulates sales, increased store traffic from non loyal customers B) Disadvantages: Temporary gains, advertising is needed to keep customers, have to be used once in a while 5. Direct Marketing A) Advantages: customization, messages developed and quickly adapted B) Disadvantages: expensive maintaining databases, lack of privacy...
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Final_Review_Lists_Study_Guide - A Advantages Salesperson...

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