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Chapter 6 Studyguide

Chapter 6 Studyguide - -many people experience shame...

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HDV 120 Chapter 6 Health Benefits of Marriage - marriage is healthier than being single, especially for older men - couples are happier, less lonely and financially more stable than single adults - emotional closeness and type of impairment influence care giving experience Couples and Retirement - retirement is a major transition - adapting to loss of work, reduced income, change in social status and identity - most people experience retirement as a process rather than an event - martial satisfaction and retirement are linked Widowhood - after age 75 2/3 of women are widowed but 70% of men are married - leads to grief, financial problems, loss of sexual partner and status in social networks - stages of widowhood include: official recognition of the event, withdrawal, limbo and reengagement - men and women have different problems in widowhood Divorced Elderly - rates of divorced couples are on the rise, especially among baby boomers
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Unformatted text preview: -many people experience shame, despair, loss of support Never Married Elders-4% of population over 65-most have adjusted well to living on their own, display self reliance, and satisfaction-many have highly valued friends and family with whom they interact-others may be lonely and wish they had married Remarriage-becoming more common and acceptable for divorced and widowed-many singles are actively seeking partners through personal ads, social clubs and religious organizations-conflict over inheritance has been reduced with a prenuptial agreement Invisible Sexuality-sexuality remains an important part of our emotional, physical and cultural aspects through out childhood-the sexuality of elders is largely invisible due to their sense of privacy and societal myths about aging-seniors with high self esteem typically have positive body image...
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Chapter 6 Studyguide - -many people experience shame...

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