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Unformatted text preview: Jeff Rusten Initial Writing Assignment As stated on the website for Cornell’s Knight Institute, the objective of the mandatory freshmen writing seminars is that “through introductory work in each seminar's particular field of study, students learn to write in a range of genres and in ways that emphasize clarity, coherence, intellectual force, and stylistic control.” Before registration, I was distraught with the idea of being forced to take a class based heavily on the aspiration to improve students’ writing abilities. I was afraid of a potentially dull and boring class, a fear which was soon eliminated as I began my first class. Although the writing seminar I took (Art and Architecture of the Medieval Mediterranean) did little to improve my general writing skills, the class proved to be very interesting, being quite informative of the topic at hand. This general sense of a fun learning environment with first- rate instruction in the subject of art history while lacking any legitimate training for my writing skills can be seen...
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This essay was uploaded on 02/01/2009 for the course CLASS 134 taught by Professor Jeffreyrusten during the Fall '08 term at Cornell.

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