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Unformatted text preview: Class 134 Professor Rusten 5/15/08 2189 AD Mago looked across the gray sands of the desert in front of him to where the land seemed to reach skyward, up toward the heavens, as if t rying to escape and leave the earth forever. He had never been to the mountains he now looked at, not even their foot hills, but had seen them almost every day of his l ife. Judging by where the sun lay in the sky, Mago decided i t was almost mid-day. Du ring the past few weeks he had gotten quite used to judging t ime this way. H is clock along wi th the electric stove, water purif ier, and short wave radio had all stopped working as Mago had fi l led the generator wi th the last of that thick black l iquid substance his ancestors had been so obsessed wi th. He couldn’t figure out why they loved the stuff so much. Cooking on a wood fi re and boiling the impuri t ies out of water seemed just the same as using the electricity run equipment to the sixteen year old boy. Although he didn’t mind the lack of electricity, i t was the duration for which i t was gone that gave him an uneasy feeling as he looked out at the mid day sun. Father usually only took a week, a week and a half at most, on his t r ips to the t rading post to get more fuel for the generator. Granted, Father had said this t r ip was special and would take longer than usual, but Mago had expected him back at least after th ree weeks. The sixth week since Father’s departu re was coming to an end and Mago was worr ied. Shaking his thoughts from his head, Mago proceeded in finishing the daily chores which included the opening of i r r igation pumps 5a, 3c, and 6g; the adjusting of the heating mi r rors; and the finishing of the t i l l ing of field 3b which had been star ted that morning. The farm Mago now toiled on had been the only place he had ever known, never leaving, for there really was no other place worth going. The only people he had ever known were members of his family: his mother who had died four years ago from the ever present harms of...
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This essay was uploaded on 02/01/2009 for the course CLASS 134 taught by Professor Jeffreyrusten during the Fall '08 term at Cornell.

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2189AD_Essay - Class 134 Professor Rusten 2189 AD Mago...

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