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Classics 134: Theories and Narratives of Decline GUIDELINES FOR PREPARING AND HANDING IN ESSAYS ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION: This semester for the first time I am switching to an all- electronic format for submissions and commenting on papers: You must attach to me (jsr5) your essay, and I will add comments and return it to you by attachments. That means: --You must use a version of Microsoft WORD (Mac or Windows is ok) or a word- processor that can read its commented format. --You must give your file a name that both you and I can use to identify it, e. g. if your email is then title it “abc123IaRusten.doc” . "commented" to the title. --Once you get back the commented essay, you will need to turn on "track changes" in the "Tools" menu to see the comments. SUBMISSION DEADLINES: You will note that most submission deadlines are Monday mornings, to enable you to work on them over the weekends; please try to attach them to me very early that morning (or late Sunday night). TITLES: Try to find a title for each essay; we will talk about some techniques of titling,
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This note was uploaded on 02/01/2009 for the course CLASS 134 taught by Professor Jeffreyrusten during the Fall '08 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Class134_paper_Syllabus - Classics 134: Theories and...

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