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CHEM DRY LAB 2C - C)Lithium Carbonate C)Thiosulfuric Acid...

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Lauren Trinkoff Chemistry Lab 73346 Fridays 9:05-11:50 EXPERIMENT 2C: Inorganic Nomenclature III- Ternary Compounds A) Purpose: To name and write the formulas for salts and acids containing polyatomic anions and acid salts. B) Introduction: Ternary compounds are generally considered as having a polytomic anion containing oxygen that can be categorized into salts and acids. The most common ternary acids or oxoacids in the laboratory are nitric acid and sulfuric acid. C) Procedure: Name the following polyatomic anions: 1. A)Bromate 3. A)Iron (III) Hydroxide B)Iodate B)Iron (I) Phosphate x Hexhydrate C)Phosphate C)Iron (I) Sulphate x Hepthydrate G)Iodite D)Copper Cyanide H)Sulfite I)Magneses Sulphate I)Silicate J)Magneses (II) Acetate K)Mercurous Dimethylglyotimato Nitrate L)Acetic Acid 2. A)Sodium Sulfate 4. A)Sulfuric Acid B)Potassium Permanganate B)Sulfurous Acid
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Unformatted text preview: C)Lithium Carbonate C)Thiosulfuric Acid D)Calcium Phosphate D)Phosphoric Acid I)Potassium Permanganate I)Nitrous Acid J)Potassium Monganate J)Carbonic Acid K)Lithium Sulfate K)Oxalic Acid L)Lithium Sulphate L)Acetic Acid 5. A)Sodium Bicarbonate 6. A)KMnO4 B)Calcium Bicarbonate B)K2MnO4 C)Potassium Oxalate C)CaCo3 G)Sodium Hydrosulphate x Hydrate D)PbCO3 H)Lithium Hydrogen Phosphate E)Fe2(CO3)3 I)Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate F)HOCl G)Na2SO3 7. A)H2SO4 H)FeSO4 x 7H2O B)H2S2O3 I)FeC2O4 C)H2SO3 J)NCl2CrO4 D)HIO4 K)K2Cr2O7 E)HIO3 F)HOCl G)HNO2 H)HNO3 8.A)HF B)HBr I)H3PO3 C)HBrO 9. A) D)SO2 B) E)Ni(OH)2 C) F)HCN D) G)OSO4 E) H)AuCl3 F) I)(Pi)3 G) J)CuS H) K)Na2O3 I) L)K3(C2O4) J) M)NaHSO3 K) L) M) 10. F) Date and Time: October 10 th 2007, Friday 9:05 G) Signature (student): H) Signature (instructor):...
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CHEM DRY LAB 2C - C)Lithium Carbonate C)Thiosulfuric Acid...

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