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Discussion Starters for City of God Part II Aaron Sprecher In the garden everything was “blessed” and good. How does one know what good is without having something to compare it to: evil. So are we better off now knowing what good is in comparison to bad (poverty, death, suffering)? Or has our falling from grace worsened our situation? Why would the creator make a blessed place where everything lived in harmony, yet create an imperfect human with a flawed “animal body”? Was free will a gift from an all-knowing creator who meant to send man down a treacherous path? The great flood story appears in many different religions, which could prove the event
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Unformatted text preview: actually occurred. It more likely demonstrates a view on the creator’s methods for governing the earth, and how humans realistically must cope with his unfortunate actions. Book 7 Chapter 15 portrays the creator as an over-trusting father figure to his children Cain and Abel. “Why art thou wroth? And why is they countenance fallen?” asks the creator after accepting Abel’s sacrifice over Cain’s. He scolds Cain for being less righteous than his brother Abel due to Cain’s hatred for his brother. The creator rewards Abel for his deeds. However, Cain, without resistance from the creator, kills Abel....
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