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Journal #5 10 Facts about the Chartres Cathedral 1. Construction began in 1134 and finished in 1260. 2. The word “cathedra” means seat. 3. The Chartres Cathedral houses the Shawl of Mary. 4. It is unknown who built it. 5. Stained glass pictures portray craftsmen and merchants that raised money to build it. 6. The Chartres Cathedral is about 80 km from Paris. 7. Many flying buttresses were used in the construction of the cathedral. 8. The cathedral burned down during early construction. 9. It was also nearly consumed by fire a second time. 10. The Chartres Cathedral was built with a cruciform floor plan. 10 Facts about the National Cathedral
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Construction began in 1907 and lasted 83 years. 2. It is an “American Church”, accepting all denominations. 3. Teddy Roosevelt helped lay the foundation. 4. No federal spending was used on the cathedral. 5. All together the limestone used weighs more than 300 million tons. 6. The National Cathedral is located in Washington DC. 7. It is officially called the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. 8. It is the sixth largest cathedral in the world. 9. The National Cathedral is the second largest in the United States. 10. It was ranked third on the List of America’s Favorite Architecture....
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