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Discourse Scavenger Hunt Fall 2015

Discourse Scavenger Hunt Fall 2015 - INTL 101 Discursive...

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INTL 101: Discursive Scavenger Hunt Due: In class on October 20, 2015 As we have discussed in class, discourses are systematic groupings of statements or representations that produce knowledge and power over “known subjects.” Discourses are not confined to textbooks, but involve an “archive of knowledge” that circulates through representation and speech. Accordingly, “discursive formations” populate our everyday lives. These discursive formations are made up of images, tropes, stereotypes, and stories that contribute to our knowledge of the world, regardless of the truth-value of such formations. Indeed, these formations are repeated so commonly that we are often unaware of their relationship to larger histories of power. The goal of this assignment is to explore our contemporary cultural archive to see where the “West and Rest” discourse is being reproduced and where it is being challenged. Remember
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