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Homework Set 4 Name: Section: 1. The half life of an exponentially decaying quantity is the time required for the quantity to be reduced by factor of one half. a) Find the half life of the function t e t f 06 . 0 3 ) ( - = , where t is the time. b) If g(t) is an exponentially decaying function of time , with g(0)=2 and a half life equal 4, write the expression for g(t). 2. Follow the link http://www.physicstoday.org/apr00/coursey.html#top Read the article and answer the following questions. a) What are the advantages of radionucleotide therapy? It minimalizes the amount of radiation to the surrounding healthy tissue,
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Unformatted text preview: potentially affecting its D.N.A. and creating other forms of cancer. b) What kind of diseases can be treated with radionucleotide therapy? It helps to treat gynelogical, head, neck, thyroid, and prostate cancer as well as preventing the closing of arteries after balloon angioplasty. c) How can radionucleotides help to treat cancer? By placing a "seed" of photons, electrons, or decaying particles inside of a cancerous cell, the radiation being given off will hopefully destroy the D.N.A and stop the uncontrolled mutating of cells. 1...
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