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Josh Robinson Discussion Questions For Spengler’s The Decline of the West , chapters:16 and 17 1) For the most part in our contemporary realm of thought, science and religion seem to be at odds with one another, one often contradicting the other. Spengler however, presents these two concepts as similar (page 321), being like ways to obtaining an understanding of the universe. Does his theory at all seem plausible in light of our common notions of these things today? 2) In his section on Judaism, Spengler presents the idea that the teachings of Luther and Loyola were meaningless to a Jewish cavalry-general fighting in the thirty years’ war and that the “West” didn’t
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Unformatted text preview: understand the fellah-revolutions in Turkey and China (pages 343-344). Does religion, and culture along with it, really separate people of different sects so that they cannot comprehend the actions and motives of others? 3) The absurdity of Spenglers sections on race and gender are so acute that it makes him seem ignorant (or else, quite arrogant/ elitist). Do his shortcomings in these sections arouse any suspicion to the validity of his other arguments? Can we see any other sections that are heavily influenced by the environment (place and time) in which he wrote?...
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