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Chapter 19 - 8 “Is this your ³rst purchase oF a single...

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Retailing chapter 19 1) A difficulty associated with the use of national magazines by an independent retailer with a narrow trading area is _____. A. high waste in geographic coverage 2) An important advantage of advertising in comparison to personal selling is the _____. C. low cost of reaching a target market member 3) Which medium offers a retailer the greatest control in reaching a targeted geographic area? B. direct mail 4) Which medium has the highest message permanence? D. telephone directories 5) A retailer stresses its community service in a current advertising campaign. This illustrates a(n) _____ ad. A. institutional 6) The effectiveness of a retailer’s PR department can be determined by evaluating _____. D. the comparable value in space if generated by advertising 7) Most sales personnel in discount retailers are _____. C. order-taking sales people
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Unformatted text preview: 8) “Is this your ³rst purchase oF a single lens re´ex?” and “How oµen do you plan to take photos indoors?” are example oF quesTon asked in the _____. B. need-saTsFacTon approach 9) “Do you need the widget this week or do you want to order one to your speci³caTons?” illustrates what selling FuncTon? C. closing the sale 10) Which element in the retail promoTon mix generally emphasizes short-term sales increases? A. sales promoTon-PromoTonal mix o Public relaTons o AdverTsing o Personal selling o Sales promoTon-Cost per contact-¶lexibility- lead Tme-control-Reach- number oF unique pot. Customers-¶requency- number oF exposures-PerFormance-PromoTonal plan steps- Establishing a budget-Incremental method- guessing game. Learn From the past-Percentage oF sales method...
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