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Exam1TopicalOverview - The origin of the components of life...

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Biology 102, Spring 2008: 1 st Exam Topical Overview An exam is an opportunity where your preparation meets my challenge What is Life? Characteristics of Life Cells: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes Cell membrane Linnaean hierarchical taxonomy Phylogeny and phylogenetic hypotheses Homology and homoplasy (analogy): Divergent and convergent evolution Clades and taxa Monophyly, paraphyly and polyphly Parsimony How many kinds? What is Science? The scientific perspective Induction and deduction Scientific methods: hypothesis testing Scientific knowledge: Generalizations/hypotheses Theories Dynamic Process and Continual Change Age of Earth Age of Life Relative (stratigraphic) and absolute dating Fossils Homologous and homoplasic characters Vestigial structures Molecules (DNA and protein sequences) Dynamic atmosphere and climate Dynamic crust: Plate tectonics Tempo of evolutionary change Gradual Rapid change and periods of evolutionary stasis; Adaptive radiations Mass extinctions In The Beginning: How Did Non-life Become Life? The First Atmosphere
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Unformatted text preview: The origin of the components of life Formation of Biological Molecules Formation of membrane bound entities The development of metabolism? Origin of Self-Replicating Systems: The RNA world Origin of cells The cell boundary: Plasma membrane The first cells were prokaryotes Prokaryotes & eukaryotes So Many Kinds! The Diversity of Life and Classification of Life’s Diversity Biodiversity Phylogenetic trees: Models of phylogenetic hypotheses High Level Taxonomy Five kingdom scheme / hypothesis Three domain scheme / Hypothesis Taxonomy of Life Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778): Linnaean taxonomy Hierarchical classification Homology and analogy; divergent evolution and convergent evolution Parsimony in phylogenetic hypotheses Evolution” History of a Scientific Idea Fixity of species: Platonic Idealism and Aristotle’s Great Chain of Being Role of the geologists: Hutton Lyell Cuvier Linnaeus Lamarck Darwin’s voyage Malthus Darwin’s logic Wallace...
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Exam1TopicalOverview - The origin of the components of life...

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