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1st labor history_Notes - Only NAACP supported black...

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Only NAACP supported black activism in decade after world war II no help from fed. Gov. or labor movement and were denied (political, educational, and economic opportunity). Black men were in old slave jobs and most women worked in whites’ kitchens. Black population went from 54 to 45.3%. Jim Crow at water fountains, hotels, and movies. No interracial marriage (p.20). (22) unjust punishment for rape and political corruption meant blacks were not heard. The Delta plantation owners made their employees vote for business interests. (23) CIO strongly opposed by wealthy whites cause would hurt their economic interests, so they race baited. CIO did the best in mostly white areas of the south. Didn’t try to organize blacks. Blacks voted republican but didn’t get much in return. Voter registration organizers had very low expectations. (27) Whites abandoned dem. Party and nominated strom Thurmond for pres because of string civil rights platform. ’62 only 6% of black electorate registered to vote. ’44 129 members in NAACP, as it focused on border states first and was dangerous to join (29). Those that joined were in jobs immune from white retaliation. (31) lack of female leadership.
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1st labor history_Notes - Only NAACP supported black...

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