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Chapter 5 May ’61 bus load of civil rights activists take bus to MS and use white restroom to be arrested. Charged with breach of peace. Boynton v. Virginia supposedly banned regregation in terminals serving intersate travelers. Earlier Congress on racial equality ended in plane trip. James Farmer leader of trip called kennedy’s but they were more focused on foreign policy than trip (92). Kennedy struck deal with Gov. Barnett of MS protect riders and u can arrest them. Feds could have protected them but Kennedy feared another civil war. Worked more with segregationalists than civil rights leaders. They kept white mobs away and treated riders nicely to avoid media scrutiny. Rob Kennedy pissed when more buses came. 328 people arrested in total. Sent to Parchman prison where prisoners picked cotton like their ancestors. Made it hot in the day and cool at night. SNCC and CORE participated in the freedom rides. Since NAACP was only civil rights group in state it was hard to support the riders but womanpower unlimited did (98) and helped gather supplies for the riders. Acted quickly without bureaucracy. James Farmer head of CORE. NAACP upset as CORE and SNCC expanded throughout state. ’55 reign of terror and McComb NAACP underground and couldn’t confront racism on other side of railroad tracks. Owens snd Oberts were leaders of it and decided to follow Bob Moses’s SNCC campaign to register voters very well educated teacher from NY went to Clevland MS and met with Amzie Moore and plan was for a voting drive, but in ’61 McComb NAACP welcomed Moses SNCC voter registration drive in the city. They got financing from local blacks showing support for project (104). (small stuff direct action desegregation would have failed. Whites tried to drive Moses out by physical attacks, but he pressed charges. SNCC moved to direct action sit ins and split up into voter registration and direct action. (108) SNCC voter registers were being beaten and arrested. US Justic dept. helped defend people arrested for voter registration. When an NAACP member Herbert Lee was killed by a state senator Hurst witness were coerced as gov. couldn’t provide them protection. Witness told FBI the truth, but they couldn’t help him and it stopped the voter drive. When students arrested for sit in not allowed back to school there was a protest march where SNCC member beat (111). Blacks felt their kids were exploited by the SNCC. CC Bryant decided it was time for Bob Moses to leave. NAACP not sure to accept or be mad at the more radical SNCC. Some student never signed pledge not to protest and took classes at community college instead of going back to high school. Activists could not rely on Kennedy to follow 1 st and 5 th amendments. Learned from McComb that voter registration drives brought out same wrath as direct action sit ins. Chapter 6
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2nd local people reading_5_Notes - Chapter 5 May 61 bus...

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