9-7-reading_Notes - Chapter 2 Civil rights issue biggest...

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Chapter 2 Civil rights issue biggest political one of the 60’s. From ’33-54 NAACP brought suit after suit. 30’s to ‘50s 3.5 million blacks moved north. ’41 FDR bans discrimination in gov. contracting and blacks voted for Dems and FDR for 1 st time. ’48 Henry Truman bans discrimination in all federal offices. Germany taught people racism was bad. ’48 Thurmond and Dixiecrats lose to Truman. ’64 civil rights act (empowered attorney general to file suits against schools and barred discrimination in all facets) and ’65 voting rights were in response to white violence for segregation. ’64 election was realigning with Johnson supporting civil rights act and goldwater opposing. Publicized racial differences. Johnson won sweeping election in congress and senate too (while popular implementation was tough). Dems resented in south and by working class white northerners who had to worry about being deprived. Civil rights became less popular when courts used busing and affirmative action, and when black leaders demanded black power, welfare went up, and illegitimacy as well. Goldwater agnostic on civil rights,be anti-communist to get catholics, and stick to domestic issues. Race issue got poor whites to go along. Conservative wing not initially interested in race, (42) but 32 businessmen forming cadre under White wanted liberals out of party. ’63 nigger used frequently at RNC in Denver. White voter drive gets not civil rights on party platform of GOP. Liberal
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9-7-reading_Notes - Chapter 2 Civil rights issue biggest...

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