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Questions: What is role of idealism practiced and failed in the new left? How do you account for rapidity of social change from ’63 to ’69? Account for strengths Weaknesses of N.L.? Sheraton hotel walk in got management to agree to end discrimination in hotels. Business community saw it as a threat, couldn’t be used as a base for attacks on society. Man arrested for protesting and car was surrounded and people who gave speeches. Agreement between student groups and university: students desist, but can speak freely. Young affluent students feel oppressed and it was the most meaningful educational activity available. University allowed groups to set up tables and people cannot advocate sit ins. Massive arrests in Sprawles Hall acts of civil disobedience took away time for debate, reasoned argument. Student speaker at president’s speech was arrested in Greek theater. Threatening of expulsion of student protestors got groups to come together. Academic senate approved free speech rights for students. Berkley protestors got together to protest the Vietnam War. Hells Angels tried to break
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