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Stages of Civil Rights movement: 1. Labor based (1941-1952) from march on Washington movement (not march) to Operation Dixie. 2. Integration and struggle for the vote (1954-1964) Brown to actual march on Washington. ’63 I have a dream speech. ’64 Civil Rights Act. ’65 Voting rights act 3. Protest to Politics? (1964-?) after court ruling do we protest or try to engage in formal mechanisms in Washington. 4. Black Power (1965-1972) Washington is just a bunch of sellouts blacks need to rule themselves. Labor 1941 AP Randolph headed only black union (baggage carriers on trains) he told
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Unformatted text preview: Randolph integrate war production facilities or face a major march on Washington. Fair employment practices committee looked at discrimination in the workplace, but important because gov. takes responsibility for segregation in employment. CIO is major civil rights organization by organizing without regard to race, creed in the 1940’s. Even though there was racism in the organization. Operation Dixie was movement to organize in the south, and it flops because of racial equality ideas and fears of communism....
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