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70’s unemployment increases, as inflation rises too (which is unnatural) innovations of 60’s hit Main street in the 70’s. More workers black and women coming into work force as the pie is getting smaller, which is why there was volatility. Affirmative action goal is to integrate usually all white trades, boiling up from below. Civil rights act put sex into civil rights act as poison pill. EEOC comes out 1/3 of all cases for sex discrimination. Wagner (workers’) right going down Civil rights Act of ’64 goes up. Women’s rights: ’73 Roe v. Wade (sexual revolution, the pill, patriarchy). Stonewall ’69 raid of gay bar became key in gay rights’ movement. ERA (equal rights amendment) passed senate 88-8. Fear of integrated bathrooms(political right began to organize around moral issues). Death of ERA signaled fear of what working people had, and signaled
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Unformatted text preview: frustration with new laws and regulations. Are women different or equal to men, working women said women different. Class is most salient issue in defeating ERA. Time for government to affirmatively take steps to ensure integration? Steel industry had lots of discrimination and only got promoted within the section you were hired into. Civil rights groups sue both civil rights groups and union. Consent decree ‘74 “Rights Consciousness” emerges strongly in 1970’s, becomes an individual right. Problem is that it has no impact on structure of economy. 4 years after consent decree is ratified steel workers lose their jobs as the mills shut down. Pioneering Poem : loneliness of being only one broke her will to move into trade building. Poet explains woman carries entire weight of her gender....
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