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1980 Reagan elected partially cause he is not other guy, and also has attractive personality traits. Late 70’s issues to deal with: Watergate, stagflation/OPEC (wages not rising and cartels held US hostage…nation running out of gas…pitiful giant), Vietnam (we will not be a pitiful giant) Withdraw in ’73 and Saigon falls in ‘75, deindustrialization/”globalization,” (Youngstown women and minorities get jobs in steel mills and shut down in ’78. Textiles, garments, and consumer electronics moved to Taiwan, Mexico etc. Japan and Germany begin catching up to US) Iran Hostage ’79 300 hostages taken in Tehran (first major act of terrorism and sand clogged up engines of planes), Carter (elected in ’76 as an outsider and clean government kind of guy…not a schemer like Nixon and saw himself as a Wilsonian rise above coalitions and govern in the name of the people. Increase spending to create jobs but create inflation, but if cut spending hurt working people. Iran hostage showed people we needed a nice guy and was
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