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10-29 and 11_3_Wages_Notes

10-29 and 11_3_Wages_Notes - Wages going down as company...

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Wages going down as company making profits of $30 million. Jim Guyete is President of local union and says people are very upset. Takes place in Austin MN. Ray Rogers did corporate campaigns trying to regain $10.69/hr. Although you spend less money than companies make the effort newsworthy to get free press. Louie Anderson is head of national meatpacking union and says the smear campaign will fail. If average wage is about $6/hr plant will go out of business and less wage companies will get bigger. Nobody else will rise to the $10.69. Offers $10/hr for 3 years and $2 less for new employees. Offer rejected by union. Union provides food to prevent company from starving workers. People did their hobbies. P-9 re-wrote whole contract, which was stupid according to Lewie Anderson member of international union. Tougher the stance of the workers then employer lies on union arbitrators more. 17 th week of strike Hormel uts production through other plants they own, and management has begun working the floors. Rank and file have dissension in their strikes. After 4.5 months reject company’s
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