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Reagan coalition 1960s Port Huron statement left wing statement. Sharon statement young Americans for freedom (YAF). Represent libertarians. (Absolute civil rights) minority movement looking for true conservatives. Seen as a lunatic fringe Anti-Communist-(both domestic [McCarthy] and foreign [defense hawks]). 1970s Cultural right -(moral majority) brings in white working class. ’64 bloodbath within GOP Rockefeller wing liberal accept new deal, while Goldwater represented the far right movement. Goldwater loses poorly in general election, but his supporters took over the party. Reagan liberals are bad with good intentions. Confess that an intellectual elite can rule us better than ourselves. Founding fathers knew gov. couldn’t control economy without people. Each year needs get greater. Any criticism means social security is opposed by GOP. New Left 60’s and 70’s: organized around issues: war, civil rights. Criticizes liberals (being pro-war), freewheeling. Impatient. Community organizing. Academia,
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