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Professor Briggs Labor Economist: Immigration not discussed in debates or between candidates. Immigration has to do with income distribution too. 54% growth of labor force in 90’s due to immigration and 80% in 2050. Immigration to US was 4% in ’64 before new immigration policy. Most of our progress happened when we had least amount of immigrants. Today 12.6% of population is immigrants. Immigration act of ’65 was basically a civil rights bill. Ted Kennedy promised not to change ethnic mix, and won’t cause American workers to lose their job. Immigration is a policy driven issue. Nobody has a right to be in US without permission of US govt. Canada uses a point system to regulate immigration. “immigration is a labor problem.” (Samuel Gompers). Of 35.2 million Americans come in illegally and a third of these people are here illegally. Illegal status causes lots of problems. Employers can abuse these workers and hurt the working class. In ’52 if you hired an illegal immigrant you were immune. Amnesty was
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