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(The City) Movie bricks : police and stores try to get immigrants off the streets. But when trucks stop by looking for work everyone rushes them. Changed from $50/day to 15 cents a brick when they get to the job city, what choice do they have? Child is workibg with them. 2 men fight over who is stealing bricks. Man is struck by a collapsing wall of bricks. Men fight in anger and shame. No vehicle or ambulance to get help. The men go back to work while fellow is dying. Home man meets girl from village but has trouble finding her. Walks in on a 15 year old’s coming out party. Meets some random girl there that he dances with, she doesn’t want to at first because she doesn’t know who he is. Mexican feels like he is back home. They turn out to be from same town, and this helps him get with her. She financially supports entire family. He gets lost in the projects. Puppeteer entertains people on the street with his tools. Father and daughter sleep in a
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Unformatted text preview: car, and he uses twig fires for heat. Wants to get his daughter to go to school to learn to read. Don’t want to go to the city shelters because everyone is sick there. Woman says every child has right ti go to school. They need a receipt to go to school, which father does not have. . Seamstress Asian clothes making people scolded at by white boss and works the Mexicans harder, and one worker is fired. Saying they will be paid for the past 4 weeks. Woman’s daughter is sick back home and it will be very costly to treat her. Needs $400. Clothing company won’t but home made dress, and can’t get paid from work. Other workers try to help but they are all poor. She lent her cousin $100 but he is getting drunk and can’t pay her back. The woman is refusing to work amd so je needs to fire her for insubordination. All the workers stop workibg (protest)?...
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