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11_17_Joe Hansen_Notes

11_17_Joe Hansen_Notes - Guest Lecture Program Joe Hansen...

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Guest Lecture Program Joe Hansen President of UFCW struck against packing plants and settled with severe concessions to Wilson in ’83. 6 of Hormel locals agreed with new contract but others did not. Movie Hormel workers decided not to accept agreement. Rejected contract and MN strike occurred. Other Hormel plants did not support p-9 but helped the workers. Governor helped bring both sides to the table. Contract was rejected by the workers very narrowly right before Christmas. Guyete said it was not about the strike to the governor, but wanted to shut down all the plants and Governor sent in national guard. 50% of workers came back and 40% still struck. After the workers came back would the workers remain union or not, so it became a priority to save the plant. Company ran the plant without rehiring many of the old workers. (150,000 workers are Latino and half of them are undocumented) ICE did raids in December 0f 1006 through packing plants to look for illegal immigrants. UFCW wants to legalize those that are here
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