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5-10 page papers are the most successful (not too long). Use quotes for something that is interesting. Mon 8 th -11 th can check out exam. Or the 15 th . Way to prepare: put all your stuff in one place. End of history. Fakuma neo-con movement latter day father of movement. Formal advisor to Bush and proponent of Iraq war. Has actually shaped policy. Looks out at world and sees new world order at hand that west has triumphed. Hegel-dual of ideas and one dominates the other and wins. History moves dialectically and ideas move history. Marx said conflict over material resources drives history and not ideas. Liberalism- talking about a 19 th century version whose root is liberty. Individual rights market based private property. Liberal capitalism vs. communism or facism. Now everyone wants to be liberal
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Unformatted text preview: capitalists and other ideas are dead. Wants characteristics to fade into background as liberalism becomes a stronger intellectual trend. Radicalism is not broad enough to have universal appeal. Betterment of all mankind could theoretically be allowed by liberalism. Nothing will change fundamental organization of the world. There is a march towards democracy and we should help push the Washington consensus throughout the world. Nationalism and religion can hurt this program. At the end of history not everyone needs to be on board, but unless you have a bigger and better idea it is not a problem. End of history will be a very sad time....
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