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Nixon tape: If McGovern kept Wallace in race he would have won. Dems may never become Gop but can become Nixons. Appoint Sec. of Labor Pete Brennan to advocate for the working class. 1960 Kennedy election 1960 Kennedy brings youth and excitement ’62 Port Huron statement. 63 LBJ landslide ’64 MFDP challenege and freedom schools (Civil Rights Act and Gold of Tonkin Resolution), Goldwater v. LBJ ’65 ground troops Voting Rights Act. Chicago DNC v. Humphrey ‘Nam. ’69 Philadelphia plan Stonewall
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Unformatted text preview: (gay rights). ’72 Watergate Nixon v. McGovern break in that nobody paid attention to and McGovern can’t make it stick to Nixon. Highest working class wages. ’73 Roe v. Wade to busing decision protests. ’74 Charlotte NC decision said busing not necessary if you live in the suburbs. Stagflation couldn’t support the economy. ’69-74 strike wave. ’75 fall of Siagon part of fall in belief in America, OPEC. ’76 Carter runs against Ford....
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