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Affirmative action_Notes

Affirmative action_Notes - blacks63 Protest by blacks of...

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blacks ’63 Protest by blacks of discrimination in gov. contracts in Philly, and Kennedy called for affirmative action in gov. contracts. Philadelphia plan by Nixon required quotas for minorities in all white work like sheet metal and elevator construction. Disaffected whites embraced the new right. Protests started in WWII where FDR had to create Fair employment practices committee to stop A Philip Randolph’s march on Washington. Civil rights groups tried to get blacks in jobs with face time with whites such as sales clerks and secretaries (breakthrough job campaign). Southern representatives blocked all civil rights legislation, so it had to be taken care of at the state level. Pennsylvania FEP fair employment Practices law looked at individual cases and provided no real relief. Blacks over represented in low skilled jobs and paid less, as not unionized. Some blacks said promote them now, as they’ve waited 100 years. Ministers launched boycott of Tasty baking company and got blacks hired to better jobs and boycotted 29 other firms. CORE activists began picketing and openly protesting stores. Cecil Moore took over
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