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carmichael and rustin_Notes - Carmichael from SNCC He reads...

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Carmichael from SNCC He reads MFDP and Civil Rights movement in general as a failure. Black power more prevalent in north. SNCC volunteer and a construction worker denied union entrance due to skin color. Has a term called black power. -civil rights movement had tone towards liberal whites. Only offered opportunity to get beaten. False assumption whites are nice guys and will help you out. Blacks have 2 problems: poor and black. So what SNCC you helped get the VRA passed, nobody good to vote for. Blacks can run for office but are never elected. (63-64) responsibility for all black violence is white person’s problem. Alabama blacks running for office had to pay higher entry fee and may not live long enough until the election. Black power-coming together of black people to elect leaders and make them fulfill the community’s needs. Advocates creation of a national black panther party. Lowndes county 86 white families in Lowndes county own 90% of land. Black ghettos must be liberated. (65) integration suggests that in order to have decent house or education, you must go to the white system. Diversion as most colored kids left in rotting schools. Why don’t whites have to adopt any black customs, as it is a 1 way street. War on poverty focuses on community helping the poor, but in the deep south there are 2 communities. (67) coalitions are fine, but on what terms from strength or weakness. SNCC must address oppressed first and not friends in the oppressing group. Blacks can do stuff without white help. Whites in Berkley teach at freedom schools and organize, but they should work to get rid of the racism in their own community. Coalition must be started with poor whites, as they resent fact that only black poverty is discussed. Get power from within, black officials. Don’t seek capitalism, but community and humanistic love. Whites should stop blaming blacks and blame themselves. Rustin Blacks realized what is the point of integration if too poor to use services? Education became a focal point. Trying not just to register to vote, but to build power bases. From ’54 to ’64 (112) more blacks unemployed and de facto segregation is o the rise. Can civil rights deal with class issues. Jews able to integrate because of literacy and families. Other immigrants had industrial unionism to bring em up and America’s western frontier was growing. Nationally negro drop out rate is 57%. Blacks not lazy just
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carmichael and rustin_Notes - Carmichael from SNCC He reads...

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