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Dewey Burton liked customizing jobs, but hated job at Ford for monotony. Liked New Deal, but not idea to bus his son. Blue collar workers frequently covered in the New York Times. 1970 2.4 million workers on strike second most ever. He supported segregationist governor George Wallace. (4) 70’s maybe Labor’s decade. Why did Dewey pay to live in the suburbs if his son would be shipped to a worse school. Wallace claimed that elite were looking down on the entire working class. Eventually opened the door for Regan. Dewey benefited from racial and economic discrimination. Also hated welfare freeloaders. (7) equalizing opportunity hurt the white working class. Labor unions could not stomach anti-war McGovern. Lordstown uprising strike by long-haired individuals at fast assembly line for GM. Unin leadership upset workers not happy with what they are getting, didn’t have to go through the struggles. Working class upheaveals feared by unons. Bread and butter approach limited labors future effectiveness. All in the Family
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