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3 Chavez brothers in back of camper that flipped when chased by boarder control. Deadly boarder. 40’s had a guest worker program. (9) great quote. (10) ’94 Mexico went to hell. (31) some towns 70% of men go north to work in summer. Interviews Chavez clan members after death. (43) priest everyone is to blame. (56) culture becoming Americanized. (93) dream of standing up to the patron. (96) Jose Izquidero discusses being a big time drug dealer. Ch. 9 196 vendors offering crossers last minute supplies. Helped by coyotes. 97. ’94 Cali gov. puts up wall between san diego and Tijuana. 87. Now they go through the mountains. 99 Citizens help patrol the boarder. 201 Mexican boarder patrol have sympathy for immigrants. 202 One way to o by foot and make up a story to customs. 208 Boarder patrol will detain kids on Mexican side shelter set up to get tunnel kids away from crime. 209 They take bribes and will beat illegals. 210 kids often left behind when parents go to USA. 212 Mi Neuva Casa runs the shelter. 213 tunnel filled with sewage. 216 Barrio Libre steal from all sorts of illegals. Ch.10 224 NAFTA allows free trade. Man in Tapia is a city sanitation worker with house and five cars. 229 Knows succeeding in America is not a complete meritocracy. 230 racial stereotyping by police. 234 Raul’s economic success causes the family to drift apart, as he does sanitation but kids have college degrees. (Claims to have it all but
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crossing over_Notes - 3 Chavez brothers in back of camper...

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