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Father had an opportunity to be playwright but stuck doing no fun mechanical work. As auto industry collapses it is hard to transcend class. Liked born in the USA and threw eggs at Jap cars for stealing US jobs. Business blames unions for demise of manufacturing. Operations are being moved to the South and new workers are not unionized. Greed in health care costs has hurt unions gov. regulation can make pay based on incentives. Fathers in some way were victims, but abdication of fatherhood is biggest problem of working class. Most men see their major role in the family as putting bread on the table and families need to be emphasized. Work hard party hard
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Unformatted text preview: doesnt work when you are unemployed. Emotional resilience was more common in women than men. Why didnt church address the issue of alcoholism and domestic violence? Punctured the myth with Toms father showing up that the men were not on the moon and how depressed their lives really were. After 2000 more integration of the races, which was a new thing in Detroit as de facto segregation kept the races apart. City of Detroit is 90% black, and auto industry was the stepping stone to the middle class. Working class anybody who needs to work for a living vs. executive class. White collar people can also be part of the working class....
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