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Dear Governor_LetterEssay - Atlantic City, NJ-Internal Memo...

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Atlantic City, NJ -Internal Memo From Senior DNC Consultant Donald Reape to Gov. David Lawrence August, 23 1964 . Dear Gov. Lawrence, I write to congratulate you for adjourning the credentials committee early today, and to implore you to continue to hold strong against the FDP challenge. Our party has already shown its commitment to the Negro race with legislation this year prohibiting discrimination in employment, public places, and schools; thus, it is this party’s view that the FDP challenge is disloyal and uncalled for. We must not allow our convention to be used as free press time for radical Negro groups such as the SNCC, who care more about filling their coffers than about the reelection of LBJ. It is imperative that you do everything in your power to derail the FDP challenge for three important reasons: Goldwater being elected, white backlash, and for the advancement of blacks. Last night I watched your committee’s hearing, and saw the spectacle that was Fannie Lou Hammer. There is no doubt that her rhetoric and life story are compelling, as she embodies a story that is all too familiar in the South. It has been well documented that southern blacks have been threatened with economic retaliation from voting by Citizen’s Councils, and have been physically abused for challenging the white establishment by the KKK. LBJ believes that it is disgraceful that ninety-six years after the passage of the fourteenth amendment, states have refused to incorporate the protections in the Bill of Rights to all of their citizens. Our President used his political capital this year, working with the first branch of government and responsible Civil rights groups, like the NAACP, to create change. SNCC and CORE showed us this past summer that by simply protesting and inflaming racial tensions you can’t accomplish anything, besides for getting your workers killed. How will defeating the FDP help LBJ? Goldwater is for all intents and purposes a radical.
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Dear Governor_LetterEssay - Atlantic City, NJ-Internal Memo...

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