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edsall Chapter 4_Notes

edsall Chapter 4_Notes - Chapter 4 Nixon Years:68 election...

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Chapter 4 Nixon Years:’68 election was a defining one. Wallace pitted workers against elite democrats, and Nixon capitalized on issues of race without sounding racist. Nixon represented belief that blacks oppressed to be wrong, but opposed to court educational and housing integration. (76) leave integration up to the local school boards. Whites also opposed racial preferences. Wallace pointed out liberal whites didn’t want to pay for integration. (78) Wallace coins term reverse discrimination. Wallace wanted to cut spending on the great society. Democrats made the process to go to their convention more challenging to have more college educated folks there. Made party more liberal. Race became major seperator of parties. (82) disn’t want instant integration. Daid courts should forc integration, not his administration. Tried to nominate 2 southern conservatives opposed by organized labor, and civil rights. Able to sepertae himself from integration, blue collar dem support, elect Nixon for 3 rd term. Voting rights act Nixon
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