edsallII_Notes - Chapter 6: 78 blacks properly represented...

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Chapter 6: ’78 blacks properly represented in university. ’72 every cabinet had equal employment office. Intact black family income grew fast. ‘70’s little more than half of black families intact. Civil rights movement did well for educated blacks,but left the uneducated behind. Uneducated hurt as welfare becme better option than starting at the bottom of the ladder. Drug enforcement meant lots of illegal money in poor communities. Breakdown of innercity education. Welfare reforms devalued pride of work. Dems ignore need for debate and programs continue. Duke power case gave racial preferences in hiring. Jews and blacks both dems, but Jews oppose quotas as it limits them, while blacks support them. EEOC got support from women as they could file complaints race was chosen 3 to 1. EEOC mandate under Title VII of Civil Rights Act. GOP taxcuts enticed a lot of voters. Proposition 13 reduce property taxes supported by whites, but opposed by blacks cause many worked for gov. Whites in favor of cuts in entitlements. Lean government v. entitlements. Afraid schools were teaching bad values religious right. ’79 moral majority created. Denying tax credits for religious academies. Carter failed economically with boycott of ’80 games and embargo on Soviet grain. Blamed inflation
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edsallII_Notes - Chapter 6: 78 blacks properly represented...

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