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Gitlin- politics flow from groups that people feel they belong to. (153) poor tend to never be a member of coalitions. Top of social pyramid has changed color and sex but structure is still the same. ’78 California voters showed with prop 13 that they didn’t want a welfare state. Politics of commonality don’t deliver the goods like when a specific group is targeted (155). (155) must resist group self-absorption to build majority coalitions. (156) access to a decent life should be available to all. (157) less minorities than people think and minoroites are different so need whites to have a majority. Common ground by race can be found by organizing people by class, which is why organized labor is important. (158) economic Reasearch and Action project sprang up after civil rights act to worry about black income equality. Stokely Carmichael (159) said whites should organize whites but still able to organize around class poor. (160) poor whites are more likely to be racist. (161) whites and blacks found common ground in protesting police
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