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1950’s Elvis was a dissenting voice, jazz, rock and roll. Portrayed as a simple black and white world. Beat poet Allen Ginsberg beat poet said the insane were commuters and sane doing drugs, listening to jazz at night. Ginsberg (originally wanted to be labor lawyer) wrote poem called Howl questioning what is sane and rational. 1960 Bob Dillan goes into NYC café scene used to be about labor then meaningful lyrics. SLID (student league for industrialist society) (young student socialist group gets 10k from united autoworkers and organizes gathering at Port Huron. SLID and UAW create SDS (students for a democratic society). ’55 AFL and CIO merge. Led by Walter Reuther (young and sauve) (UAW) he was a part of the system but always a critic of it. Always ran into problems with George Meany (old cigar chopper) ceo AFL-CIO. Reuther wanted
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Unformatted text preview: to pull out of ALF-CIO to do more things but bided time with Kennedy as Kennedy wanted a united labor front. Reuther creates a coalition of conscience (composed of civil rights groups and students). He finances Students for a Democratic Society. Port Huron document: liberals in power, high wealth. Port Huron solution look to labor to become active. New left has roots in the labor movement. Differentiate old, new left, and liberalism. Old left 30s and 40s comes out of labor work, unions, wages, maybe communism. Liberalism 40s-70s welfare state top down, great society Democrats in power, government planning, regulation of economy. New Left in 60s and 70s are suspicious of old left....
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