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Origins of Natural Selection Ray :genus/species.believed I fixity of species+granddesign Linneaus :binomial nomenclature.1 st to include humans in classification. Believed in fixity of species De Buffon :believed n acclimation,recognized external environment as agent of change.rejected macroevolution. Believed fixity of species. Darwin1 :1.vast expanses of time for life to evolve2comp. four resources3imp of environmental forces. Lamarck :’inheritence of aqu. Characteristics” Curvier :believed fixity of species.Catastrophism Malthus : reproductive potential of an organism greatly exceeds the natural resources available to feed an expanding population Lyell : uniformitarianism - the idea that the geological processes observed now are the same as those that occurred in the past Wallace   described evolution as a process driven by  competition and natural selection DNA REPLICATION : 1.DNA strand separates. 2.Exposed bases attract unattached DNA nucleotides 3.Result:2 double stranded DNA molecules w/ 1 original chain and 1 newly formed chain. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS 1.Transcription :formation of mRNA molecule from DNA Seq of 3=codon. (not DNA triplet) 2.Translation:tRNA bring AA’s to mRNA to build protein on
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