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(215) Bush campaign centered around value and used Willie Horton paroled by Dukakis. White flight has left poor urban blacks behind. Blacks going to college less due to costs. Reagan had appointed conservatives to the courts taking them back. Had stopped increase of welfare rolls. Regan reduced tension over taxes and race and most gains in income went to the wealthiest. Baby boomers upset it was more difficult to make it than they thought. Social issues are way to get working class. When Horton caught in Maryland refused to send him to Mass. Hurt Dukakis with values voters. Average citizens felt their rights to be unprotected. Whites upset less balcks work and tat they take advantage of the system. Benefitted from white discontent on affirmative action. In suburbs you can be fiscally conservative at the national level but liberal in your local government. With privatization less support for public facilities. President Bush has become much less divisive as a President. Income for top blacks growing faster than whites. But poor blacks
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