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last local people_Notes

last local people_Notes - confidence with them necessary to...

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’68 events overshadowed voting in MS like assignations of King and Kennedy, initially decided against challenging vote, but then decided to. Relations between groups improved when Evers ran for Congress (NAACP field director and supported by FDP). June ’08 FDP joins with Young Democrats and NAACP to form loyal Democrats of Mississippi. Loyalist challenge not big as it was supported by the 3 major candidates. Mississippi was by far the worst violator of African American rights. Movement began with WWII veterans standing against Theodore Bilbo in ’46. Young activists broughtthe
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Unformatted text preview: confidence with them necessary to succeed. Its reputation gave volunteers cred for coming there. (425) ’69 blacks accepted desegregation court ruling. By 70’s blacks getting hired in positions not usually offered and accepted into elite graduate schools. By ’92 825 elected officials in MS. Social change nonexistent as ½ of states’ black children below the poverty line. Once new rights were secure the traditional leaders began to reassert themselves. Brought MS back up to the rest of the country....
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