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Moon_Crossing Over_Outline - moon (12) father leaving (40)...

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moon (12) father leaving (40) no respect for working class. (78) no way a college girl could fall for these guys. (70) violence allowed in public school. (118) immigrants moving in (146) jealous of George Bush who has father’s pride. (180) depression of living without dreams. (198) dreams never work out (210) Nick loses benefits at subway (245) 2 dozen men gather in parking lot and nothing happens. (261) Tom’s dad dies in pathetic fashion living in motel and working at home dept. Crossing Over (9) quote about loneliness for migrant workers. (7) boarder like a war zone. (31) some towns lose 60-70% of pop. In summer. (94) standing up to patron is heroic for most of the illegal immigrants. (229) municipality worker admits in right place right time. (233) embaraasement of not speaking English. ((269) judging the poor. (258) Mexicans don’t make working conditions decrease but employers do. (288) pretends to be a drug lord but really a sorry weed picker. (320) confused identity like America or not. (324) good conclusion.
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Moon_Crossing Over_Outline - moon (12) father leaving (40)...

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