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Generation of 60’s grew up in complacency. With US wealthiest country and only 1 with atom bomb. Noticed southern racism and Cold War could die at any moment. Helped stir up the campuses. Students concerned with connections and medical school, but not cultivation of the mind. Institutions prepare students through practice and loss of creativity. Get used to authority by the few. Automation leading to structural unemployment in blue collar work force. We could feed and clothe everyone, but we do not. It costs so much to get into business that the averge guy can’t compete. Big labor seen as a cancer by people and after AFL-CIO merged it cut in ½ and not very committed
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Unformatted text preview: to organizing the unorganized. Unions hurt as automation taking place in factories where most organized people are. Since WWII service and white collar jobs growing twice as fast as blue collar. Organized labor has become too elitist, and can only get 40% of its members to vote. Will labor make amends with NAACP and Black Muslisms and must become a political force. Maybe reduced salaries or moving execs to shop level positions. Should help with civil rights, peace, and economic reform movements. New left must start controversy, universities can start issues about more than just wages. Students need to join with labor and civil rights movement....
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