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things they carried_Notes

things they carried_Notes - The things they carried Carried...

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The things they carried Carried letters from a girl named Martha, who he pretended loved him. When Jimmy Cross looked at the photos wished he’d been bolder with her, he was a 1 st lieutenant. Compulsively thinking about whom Martha has been with. Tunnel duty had to go I without armor to see if any enemies there before they were blow up. Lavender was a drug addict, and killed when celebrating Lee Strunk coming out of grave with ghost sounds. Seems like march from village to village with nothing won (15). Every day the choppers brought in more for them to carry. After lavender died they burned the whole village, and Cross felt he was distracted by Martha to look out for his men. Religious Kiowa (an Indian) could feel nothing but surprise, and could feel no emotion. Thought Cross was crying cause he cared and was jealous. Afraid of dying, but more afraid to show it (20). Had to laugh about Lavender’s death, what else could you do? Killed and got killed to avoid embarrassment (21). He hated Martha and burned her letters. Love Martha a lesbian (29)? (30) ambiguity about some deed. Spin (32) the men liked checkers, as there were specific rules to be followed. (34) boredom mixed with gunfire wasn’t quite true boredom. Azar blew up a puppy. On the rainy river About Tim O’brien. Nation should know why it goes to war. Spent summer of ’68 in a meatpacking plant, declotter, but too good for military (43)? Could never get the pig smell out. Didn’t go to Canada, because afraid of hit on reputation. (46) but one day at the pig plant he decided to drive north. Man with him at the lodge had the self-control not to question O’brien for being there. Old man led him to Canadian waters while fishing, and o’brien cried as he tried to figure out what to do. (57) considers going to Canada to be brave. (58) metaphor for embarrassment. Cried cause he knew embarraement would make him fight.
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